Day: March 20, 2019

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USB FLASH DRIVE REPAIR – How does it work?

What is a USB flash drive? USB flash drive is a rewritable and removable data storage device which uses flash memory with an integrated USB (universal serial bus) interface. For everyday use, we need a USB flash drive having a large capacity, fast speed, security and of course a slim, sleek design with low price. click here to know more.

How to recover deleted, lost files from an inaccessible USB flash drive?

Some reasons for USB crash in Windows are,

  • Hardware problems related to USB.
  • Faulty start-ups and services.
  • Draining of power supply.
  • Software errors.
  • USB driver issue or outdated BIOS.
  • Improper operation.
  • Virus attack.

Flash drives are widely used across the world as powerful tools to store, back up and transfer files. One should know the basics about flash drive repair to restore.

Common methods to restore files are,

  1. Data recovery software from the manufacturer.


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E.g.: San Disk Ultra …

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