Day: August 19, 2019

Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin and internet security: How to play safe

Despite what many may think, currently Bitcoin is not anonymous. However, those who improve their operations work to achieve a global, decentralized and 100% anonymous financial system. Here the use of the Bitcoin Blender happens to be important so far the security of the entire process is in question n. You can actually come up with the perfect details for the whole process. This is the perfect options that you will get.

Bitcoin Blender


In this new chapter of the Bit2me guide we will talk about anonymity and privacy, as well as their different points of view, how Bitcoin is anonymous now and why, the Blockchain analysis tools and some methods to improve anonymity.

Privacy has died

When we go to the bathroom, we close the door. Not because we are doing something illegal, but because of privacy. We do not want anyone to see what we do. With technology, on …

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best stick vacuum for hardwood floors

Hardwood Floor Vacuuming: The Things You Must Have in Mind

If there are allergy sufferers in the home, it is necessary to evaluate different aspects in a vacuum cleaner: first of all the re-emission class, then the type of filter it uses and finally the exhaust system. As far as the latter is concerned, it is always better to opt for draining the tank from top to bottom, while there is no need for any recommendation for the bag models, which avoid any contact between the user and the collected crop. The filter must be of the HEPA type, preferably of the 12.13 or 14 classifications, which are those that best retain mold and bacteria. The reissue class which identifies the product’s ability to improve air quality in the home is always described in the energy label for allergy sufferers we recommend a product with re-emission class in band A. With the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors now you …

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