Day: August 29, 2019

cabinet dentaire Lausanne

Get your teeth aligned by an orthodontist

cabinet dentaire Lausanne

Orthodontics is related to teeth and gum related problems. It is a branch of dentistry in which the doctor treats the misalignment of teeth.  The main job of an orthodontiste Lausanne is to align the teeth and also adjust the spacing. There are many types of treatments which an orthodontist adopts in order to correct the alignment of teeth and these are given here.

  • Gaps between the teeth are closed.
  • Alignment of teeth is done.
  • The crooked teeth are straightened.
  • Speech is improved
  • Chewing ability is improved.
  • The health of teeth and gums is increased.
  • An improper bite is treated.

Dentiste Lausanne checks other problems of teeth and gums and he also implants dentaires Lausanne if the teeth are missing. The treatment done by hygi√©niste dentaire Lausanne cleans the teeth if they are dirty because of the accumulation of food particles. Patients have to go to cabinet dentaire Lausanne for …

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