Day: December 18, 2019

High volume Bitcoin mixer

Smartest Bitcoin Trading As Per the Options

To take a loan from the exchange, the trader must leave her a deposit. If the trader incurs losses, the exchange takes the amount due to it from the pledge. From these $ 6,000 we subtract the $ 1,000 that you put into your account = $ 5,000 profit. The use of the High volume Bitcoin mixer is there.

An example of margin trading in plus

And what will happen if the bitcoin, on which hopes were set, on the contrary, becomes cheaper?

If losses reach a critical value, the exchange sends a so-called margin call – a warning to the user. If the losses still exceed the security deposit, the exchange will automatically begin to close the trader’s position.

Futures trading

As in the traditional stock market, the cryptocurrency market is represented by trading with futures and other derivatives.

High volume Bitcoin mixer

So, bitcoin futures are contracts for the purchase/sale of BTC …

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