Day: January 20, 2020

Power to Choose

The Aspect of the Energy rates for You

The largest share in the formation of the total consumption of households in the country is the cost of food and housing, 51.8 percent of all expenditures, according to the latest actual data of the National Statistical Institute. Each person spends an average of eight percent of their income on electricity, according to Electricity Distribution. You can have the Power to Choose and so you can also check.

Published in the Energy Saving Company edition

Our country has been repeatedly criticized for having energy-intensive production and the population spending energy inefficiently compared to other European countries. These data, the constant rise in electricity and steam prices and their increased consumption in the coming cold months of the year, make us think about taking steps to reduce bills.

Power to Choose

It is tempting to hear advertisements for electricity bills that have been on the market for several years and, according to traders, can …

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