Day: February 1, 2020

Smartest Choices for the Online Movie Watching

If the term “zombie” is not used explicitly (the Russian equivalent is the same: zómbi), it is only a matter of time, as the example of Variant zombi (the Variant of zombie, Evgenii Egorov), released in 1985. This film tells the story of a group of neo-Nazis refugees in Africa and financed by the CIA who kidnap a renowned Soviet scientist, Lesnikov, known for his pacifist positions, to try to make him their accomplice, by drugging him. During a memorable scene, the neo-Nazis succeed in hypnotizing the population of a village which they force to follow them, before being unmasked by the Soviet agents. Visiting   will offer you great support in this case.

  • These three examples constitute a first departure from the picture drawn up by Josephine Woll. While it is true that these films do not belong to the horrific genre, several elements show that it has not
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