Day: February 18, 2020

How the Small Leaf Blowers Actually work

Small blower from the advanced European brand Iron Angel tops the ranking of the best models. It works from the network, therefore it is useful in small house areas. Thanks to the positive feedback from customers, it won first place as being very easy to use lightweight, quiet and highly productive. And Ukrainian users recognized the adequacy of the price inexpensively and efficiently, which, in principle, is the hallmark of this famous brand from the Netherlands. Make a visit to and you will get the choices now.

You can judge the excellent performance by yourself – in a compact, rugged case, a powerful 2.8 kW electric motor is hidden. It is perfectly protected from voltage fluctuations in the network and from overheating (air cooling). And also a small tool weighing only 3.3 kg, combines two devices for cleaning the garden: a vacuum cleaner and a blower.

The Garden Ones

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