Day: October 9, 2020

my conveyancing solicitors cardiff

Divorce case notice conveyancing to the couple

Nowadays many of the people are going to the IT company There is heavy work in the company and that people works for 12 hours shifts and they also having morning and night shift in the company so they could not do the work in the home and they did not spend the time with the family so more problems are creating in the family, at last, they meet their lawyer my conveyancing solicitors cardiff .

my conveyancing solicitors cardiff

We will see some examples of getting a divorce in the court

A big family living in the city Ravi is the head of the family and his wife name is Uma Ravi parents’ names are Kumar and Kamala they are very old people the old people ages are 65 and 63 they are affected by the blood pressure diabetes and heart problem they cannot help for the family Ravi and Uma has two …

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