Day: November 24, 2020

Environmental and development abnormality in tooth

The teeth are used for crushing, grinding the food items. The restoration of the tooth is said to be explained in this. After destroying or damaging teeth, the process of repair is fundamental. The missing structure should be achieved in different treatments. It is restored in the material. This includes composite, amalgam, gold, glass ionomer, porcelain. There is some restoration inside the tooth, which is referred to as intracorneal restoration in

This type of restoration forms directly in the mouth. This is also caused due to lost wax-like on lays and as well as inlays. If the larger portions of a tooth are lost is said to be an extra coronal restoration, which may get fabricated like a veneer or artificial crown that involves the tooth. If there is a loss of teeth, implants, or bridges, dentures may replace them. The dentures are the least costly one, where the …

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