Day: April 6, 2021

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium – the aquarium for plants

A Terrarium is undoubtedly the best gift for people with a green thumb. Terrariums are aquariums, the only difference being, terrariums contain plants instead of fishes. It is a sealable eco-friendly miniature garden that primarily functions as a showpiece or home decor and commonly used to adorn the insignificant corners of a corporate establishment.

Terrarium Workshop can be classified into two different types: –

  1. Open Terrarium – Open Terrariums don’t have a lid on the top portion of the glass container. Plants that prefer some extra humidity and moisture in the soil, can’t survive in an Open Terrarium, therefore, mini temperate plants that grow in a dry climate and open environment are best suited for open terrariums.

For example: –

Terrarium Workshop

Appropriate Plants for Open Terrariums with Bright Light

  1. Crassula Ovata (Jade)
  2. Haworthia
  • Echeveria
  1. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (Widow’s-Thrill)

Appropriate Plants for Open Terrariums with Medium Light

  1. Peperomia (Parallel, Ripple, Peperomioides Chinese Money
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