Day: May 30, 2021

disable keylogger

Anti-key-logger-the Tool against Online Thieves

An anti-keylogging is the programming tool that is used to detect any keyloggers or abnormal activities on our system. It prevents the key capturing that we type on our keyboard. Keylogging is a hacking-like process where the unknown person can receive your data from your keyboard by access your webcam or microphone without your permission. From the anti-keylogging software, we can protect our details from the internet like emails, passwords, banking details, social media accounts, and more. Anti keylogging software will capture all the vulnerable activities from our system and disable keylogger . Also prevents all banking and financial fraud tools. It prevents from kernel-driver keylogging process. The kernel in our system is difficult to find because once it is installed it becomes invisible. So we need to install all the drivers and kernels via limited user accounts. Hook-based keyloggers are easier detected, most software works against keyloggers flawlessly. Keyloggers …

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