Asbestos: the advice for the correct removal and management of the artifacts

Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros

The presence of asbestos or material containing asbestos fibers on the territory embodies a historical problem of particular importance also in our country. The massive use that has been made of this material in the last century has caused a high number of pathologies and unfortunately also deaths.

Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros

The presence of free asbestos fibers in the workplace but also in ordinary living environments constitutes a known health risk. Exposure for longer or shorter periods depending on the type of product to these fibers can produce harmful, serious, and irreversible effects. You need to know Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros then.

The release of the fibers in the air can also take place during the handling of the materials that contain them, of their processing, or spontaneously. It is therefore essential to pay the utmost attention to the evaluation of situations characterized by the presence of asbestos and to activities that may disturb these materials in order to prevent asbestos fibers from detaching from the matrices in which they are incorporated and dispersed in the air.

In this sense the removal of asbestos is configured as an activity that is of great importance in today’s historical period: it is no coincidence that the legislator has also developed incentive tools for removing this material from buildings present in panels, floors, coverings of chimneys, pipes, roofing sheets, chimneys, water tanks, gaskets for stoves, plaster.

All companies that have carried out or will carry out restructuring works on buildings and warehouses that will involve, among other things, asbestos removal, will have access to a tax credit equal to 50% of the amount spent for this purpose, provided that the cost incurred to clear asbestos is at least $ 20,000. The tax credit is a benefit comparable to the tax relief dictated by the so-called tax deductions.

Asbestos was a material widely used in construction and, unfortunately, it has not yet arrived at a complete removal from all buildings. If you own an old building, it is, therefore, advisable to check for the presence of asbestos. To do this, you need to turn to experts. Read on for more information.

Asbestos disposal costs

Let’s start by talking about costs: we must take into consideration that these vary according to the intervention that we are going to do. To give you an idea, in the following table you will find indications on prices for the disposal of asbestos roofs, corrugated sheets made of cement and asbestos.

These prices include the cost of removal, landfill disposal, and asbestos transport. We must also remember that it is possible to obtain tax deductions of 50% for this type of maintenance. To get more detailed cost estimates, fill out the form, and get up to 5 quotes in just a few hours.  You will be able to choose the most convenient one and immediately start removing asbestos from your home.

What is asbestos and why it is dangerous

Asbestos is a material of natural origin with a fibrous structure. Its high resistance has made it an excellent additive for cement or paints. For this reason, it was widely used in the construction industry to make gutters, pipes, window pads, but also partitions and tiles. Moreover, its insulating properties made it popular as a material for covering roofs and walls.