Caller ID and the Social Media Options


This is a discovery made by users who created concern with Facebook users is that the social network has a reverse directory accessible simply enough. Fortunately, there is a party not to be included. You may not know it, but Facebook has a reverse directory. Spotted by a group of users the functionality is very easy to get started: in the search bar of the social network, just type a phone number, then start the search. With the bewertungen you can have a smart idea.

Facebook reverse directory

If a user has created their profile and filled in their phone number, then the results will return to the profile in question. In this way, the identity and access to the profile corresponding to a telephone number can be obtained.


The directory also works with email addresses with identical results. The feature is nothing new, and actually we would have a hard time knowing when it’s available. What makes today talk is, above all, the possibility that this type of data can be misused.

FB Conf Parameters

Some confreres are worried about some crazy scenarios: an employer who accesses the profile of its employees via their phone number attempted impersonation on various sites. On the one hand, the situation is not new. If we had to worry about any data leak, cybercriminals have long ago been collecting huge databases. On the other hand, these data are freely accessible because the users themselves have chosen to inform and share them voluntarily or by lack of knowledge or disinterest in settings related to privacy.

In fact, you should know that it is quite possible not to appear on this reverse directory. Just go to the account settings than in privacy and then manage who is able to find you on the site from your phone number and your email.

Today, many people receive unknown calls. The free reverse directory is a solution to identify the number and address of a subscriber from his phone number. In addition, many ways exist to recognize the numbers of a customer or an individual, the free reverse directory offers better tips to determine who this number is. Currently, there are many sites that identify and search callers, whether for a mobile number or for a landline.

What is a reverse directory?

If a traditional phonebook identifies a phone number from a subscriber’s name and address, an inverted phone book is an opposite. A free reverse directory allows you to find the name and the address of the caller by phone number. You will easily find out who this number is from this reverse directory. This reverse directory is available to the public, but in order to respect and not disclose the personal life of individuals listed in this directory, a red list has been established. In fact, the identity of the subscribers on the red list does not appear in the public reverse directory. Members who want to appear in the red list of the reverse directory can contact his publisher to erase his contact information in the list accessible to the public. The free reverse directory therefore generally concerns emergency services such as medical aids, firefighters and police, where all subscribers must be present.