Conduct of Stag parties in different parts of the World

stag party events

To get married to your loved one is one of the biggest events in your life. It also states that once they are getting married they lose their bachelorhood!! It is thus the expression passed on by the groom as the “last night of freedom” before his marriage. Therefore, many follow the custom of celebrating a stag night which is a mark of the end of the single life and come up with new versions every time that are unique orbit traditional according to the place! So come let’s not waste our time and have a quick look at the stag party events that are arranged by people across the globe. This event can be organized by family members alone or can hire a professional who will take care of everything needed to make it a grand success!


stag party events

Conduct of Stag parties in different parts of the World:


The USA and Canada: They Americans usually celebrate it for a night and name their stag-do as a bachelor party keeping it minimal to close buddies


Germany: The Germany this stag party takes the form of a carnival for the grooms-to-be before his marriage and is called as ‘Junggesellenabschied’. The translation to this is “farewell to bachelorhood” of the groom. A particular event is then succeeded by a party known as Polterabend, for the to-be husband and wife, where to bring good luck; the guests take part in breaking old porcelain.


France: In France, this stag party is held for the sake of groom-to-be and is called as ‘enterrement de vie de garcon’. This states that the groom-to-be is going to convert into a man after he enters into the wedlock.


Hungary: In Hungary, to-be grooms are known as “legénybúcsú”, that is spelled as nicknames and which represents the “last days of freedom”, just getting into the action of tying the knot and doing final promise of love.


Australia: Here, the bachelor party is known as “bucks night”


Slovenia: In Slovenia, the stag party is known as “fantovščina”, which is derived from the word “fact”, that denotes to a boy, whose boyhood is going to end and manhood is beginning.


So don’t waste your time and choose any one of the above-mentioned types of the event if money and time both are not a matter to you. Enjoy your stag party that is known with different names in different parts of the world!!




Although it is a known fact that many rushes to bars and nightclubs but why not try something unique to make this bachelorette party a big success. All that you are required to do is to not miss the party night and dress in your best!

You may choose to talk to your wedding planner to organize for the ready-made stag party package or may be go for a fancy one, or just create your own with new ideas that are remembered even after the party is done. And what are you waiting for?