Divorce case notice conveyancing to the couple

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Nowadays many of the people are going to the IT company There is heavy work in the company and that people works for 12 hours shifts and they also having morning and night shift in the company so they could not do the work in the home and they did not spend the time with the family so more problems are creating in the family, at last, they meet their lawyer my conveyancing solicitors cardiff .

my conveyancing solicitors cardiff

We will see some examples of getting a divorce in the court

A big family living in the city Ravi is the head of the family and his wife name is Uma Ravi parents’ names are Kumar and Kamala they are very old people the old people ages are 65 and 63 they are affected by the blood pressure diabetes and heart problem they cannot help for the family Ravi and Uma has two kids the kids names are ram and Bharath they are very small children their age are 4 and 6 so that children are dependent on the parents Ravi family is the middle-class family so husband and wife want to go to the job their works is 12 hours jobs they leave at the house is 8 am and they return at 9 pm Uma only doing the breakfast, lunch dinner washing the clothes and clearing the house before 8 am and after 9 pm because she also going to the job what does Ravi work in the home? Do you know he wakes up and ready for office this is only Ravi work in the morning time and after 9 pm he watching the television and eating the dinner and he did not do any work in the home he did not do the single work in the home and both of them were fighting from the morning to the night daily children watching the fight between their dad and mom so they were affected in their minds Uma asked her husband do some work in the home that time only to finish the work as soon as possible but his husband told I can not do it because ladies only do the all housework in the home I am only the head of the family and do the outside work only daily this like only both are fighting and Uma decided to her mother house with his children

Uma said to her parents I need the divorce so I applied for the divorce case in the court next day Uma and his father visit the advocate And Uma tells his story to the advocate afterwards advocate sent the divorce notice to his husband Ravi in the court Uma and Ravi case it comes that time the judge asked both of their opinions and the judge asked their children also they also tell we need both the father and mother so judge advised to attend the counselling because their children ages are very small because both of your problems that should not affect the children and the judge ordered to attend the counselling after the counselling

Ravi changed her mind and decided to live happily with his family and judge conveyancing to the couple