Essential Choices for the Best Bouncy Castles

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The manufacturers of the bouncy castles never advise placing the play equipment on concrete, asphalt, wood, hard floors or any other hard surface. This can lead to damage to the material. This may also invalidate the guarantee and warranty claims. It is better to use a suitable pad. To get it you can go for this contact form and get the best choices for the same.

Age recommendation up to 10 years

The age recommendation for large bouncy castles usually begins at 3 years and ends at up to 10 years. This category is intended for children of all ages up to school age. It’s an exciting companion for the children for many years, which is an important reason to buy. But no matter how old the children are, it is important that they are properly supervised.

Bouncy castle for several children

Medium bouncy castles are usually suitable for up to 5 children at the same time. The spring bed is large enough so that the children can also practice one or the other trick. Too many children should not be on the bouncy castle at the same time. The risk of collisions increases with the number of children. Overloading the system is also material stress.

Air outlet

In the comparison above, there are only castles that have a continuous air outlet. The air escapes through small holes in the seams. But that has nothing to do with faulty production because there is a constant desire for air to escape from the system. It has a big advantage. The escaping air is pumped in with a blower. The bouncy castle is not too hard but remains very stable.

Buy balls for the ball pit

So that the children can enjoy the little jumping castle, even more, you can convert it into a ball pit. Younger children, in particular, have fun here and can fight their way through the balls without falling over. Of course, supervision is very important. As an age recommendation, the manufacturers of the balls state 3 years.

Why a bouncy castle?

Are there children who don’t like to bounce on the mattress? Or are there children who don’t like somersaults? Are there children who don’t like to romp around? Unfortunately, the parents always have an excuse for why that shouldn’t be. Either the risk of injury is too high, or the furniture is not suitable for it, or the surface is too hard. Everyone knows that jumping makes you happy. Scientifically explained, it sounds like this:

Through the playful movement on the soft surface, the body releases more happiness hormones, which make us euphoric.

Advantages of a bouncy castle

  • High security, hardly any risk of injury
  • Affordable today
  • Different optics and designs, something for everyone
  • Quick assembly and disassembly and easy handling
  • Transportable and space-saving storage
  • Facilities also suitable for adults
  • Keeps you fit, is fun
  • Excellent child employment
  • Improve the condition and motor skills

Movement trainer included

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Bouncing on a bouncy castle can do much more. It improves children’s development: children who are on the bouncy castle every day primarily train their mobility and motor skills. At the same time, the senses especially balance are sharpened. It’s just right for children who enjoy sports. But adults also improve their condition and fitness. A few minutes a day is enough to burn some calories. And besides, you still have fun with your children.