Express Gratitude to the Service through the Tip Amount

how much to tip

Tipping is an act of offering amount to the baristas normally in restaurants and hotels. The tip amount will be given to the persons who render exceptional service with more kindness. It is very reasonable to thank the service persons and express gratitude. But, many persons will give them the tip amount to add extra money in their wages. The wages of the service persons in the local restaurants and the hotels will be paid very low for their work, and so the tip amount will are given. It will also act as an encouragement to their service, and it will boost their energy to do kind service to the customers. One can decide how much to tip as per the function of the people.

Gratuity for the Kind Service:

The gift is the additional sum of the amount that is paid to the service people. The tip amount is not typical in all areas of the world. There will be many changes in the amount of the tip. Many countries do not accept the habit of tipping. The countries which do not allow the tip to consider the act as a bribe and also as an illegal act. These kinds of countries think the tipping acts as an unnecessary thing. They feel this act as an insult for their service or for their low-level work. There are many countries which accept the tip amount in some percentages as per the place.

how much to tip

The tip amount will normally be a certain amount from the total bill amount. The customer can give any percentage of the bill amount as per the rules of tipping in the country. Normally, the people will give 15% of the total bill amount as the tip amount. There will be fluctuations in the tipping percentage in some countries. High-class hotels and restaurants can be given the above-mentioned percentage as tip amount and if the level of the hotel lowers then the percentage of the tip amount can also be lowered as per the nature of the service.

Simple Tip Calculation:

One can easily calculate the amount of tip from the entire bill amount. A simple mind calculation will be enough to find out the tip amount regarding the desired percentage. In case, if the percentage of the tip is 10% then the person can move the decimal pointer to the left side and find out the tip amount easily. All bill amount will have the decimal pointers and so it is quite easy to move the decimal pointers. Thus it is very simple to find out the amount. In case if the tip amount is 20% then the person can find out the tip amount by calculating the amount for 10% and then can multiply the amount by the digit two. It is very easy to calculate without any high calculators.

The tip amount is a normal process and it is not the compulsory act. As it is not compulsory the amount will vary from the person to person. It is on the minds of every individual to give the tip amount as per their own choice.