Fashion revolution and rejuvenation


Fashion apparel is the industry that is developing from the period by period. In the past 20 to 25 years the fashion industry updated its revolution to a massive level. Fashion defines the people’s area, culture, tradition and many. The fashion industry differs by region wise for example the clothing style of the European countries, Asian countries, middle east countries and other parts of the world are something that varies from one another. Even the tribal people have their fashion level. In particular countries like Tanzania and Kenya has a group of people called Masai they have different traditional wear.

Fashion surrounds everywhere the experts and designers pickup their creativity from basic nature. Fashion includes

  • clothing
  • footwear
  • hairstyle
  • accessories

Fashion industries growth :

During the old times, fashion was not noted that much by people. After the gradual improvement in the social media bridges the people’s fashion sense. This makes the fashion industry to the next phase. People start expecting for the different fashion trends. Though the new launch accepted by all and runs massively, it stops to a point and needs the new refreshed trend. Many fashion companies are disclosing their launch every week or month to stand before their competitors. ‘Red’ stands stagnant in every rejuvenation period of fashion. Red which is always on the top of the note. In the fashion show the red which wears by the showstopper. Even many top brands choose this red as their top color, the brands are

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Gucci
  • Loui Vuitton
  • Balenciaga
  • Marc

Red is not only in clothes it also goes with accessories, footwear, wallets and every single thing in fashion. Fashion differs by season-wise also like summer fashion, winter fashion, spring fashion. Every clothes should be perfect to revolve in the market, perfection takes to design, quality, color and also in which season it comes with. Fabric is the key for the industry to develop it as a major revolution. The clothes made of cotton, silk, woolen, velvet, polyester, viscose, linen.


To design a cloth that comes into the trend for the first time the designers do a lot of research whether it attracts people and influences the industry. The sketch for the first time then chooses the color which will fill for it or sometimes it may be a multicolor option. Then the fabric, switching the design roughly. Then the last stage is to produce the outfit with all the needs. When a designer produces clothes they produce lots of designs but the best outfit goes to the showstopper during the fashion show. These are the basic functions which undergo in the fashion field.

The outfits are categorized into casuals, evening wear, nightwear, party wear, traditional wear, etc. The clothes value should be pointed majorly. The fashion production company has a wide range in the production unit. The US always stands on the front line when it comes to fashion. Because of their production quality and its fashion that follows are on the first. If a start-up company that needs to grow fast they have to very care full in their quality and fabric levels.