Finer Methods for Executive Coaching Now

executive coaching

Executive coaching helps the leader or a decision-maker of the company accompanied by a coach to achieve short and long term results. This development process involves a general manager, a manager, a department director, a potential executive. Some managers who are increasingly faced with responsibilities must be helped by experienced coaches for executive coaching .

Discover through the transcript of the interview of a consultant in leadership development and interculturalist, advice to better choose an executive coach also called executive coach.

Definition of an executive coach

According to the Americans, an executive coach specializes in supporting managers, executives, entrepreneurs, executives and other high-potential leaders. Unlike life coaching, also called live coaching, the executive coach is not interested in the dilemma of personal life since the professional is more interested in the skills and performance of people who have high-level positions and have great responsibilities.

The usefulness of an executive coach for a manager or manager

executive coaching

Those who use an executive coach are usually leaders who must take on a position with greater responsibility, a manager who moves from an expert position to a functional leader position, an expatriate person or who undergoes an implementation. A new subsidiary. These employees need to develop new skills in order to succeed at a crucial stage in their careers. The intervention of the guide allows them to benefit from a privileged space of retreat in order to be at the height in a complex world, in constant evolution and under pressure.

Among the services that an executive coach must perform is the fact of having to work with clients on the executive presence. This exercise is translated into French by the posture of the executive-manager. It’s about working on a posture that includes strategic thinking, better self-confidence, and an ability to improve leadership through good communication and a more professional presentation. To achieve this, the coaches must reinforce his influence and emotional, political and systemic intelligence. He will also have to rely on his strengths. As business leaders must work hard, the executive coach helps each client set priorities by helping them focus on the important elements of success.

Tips for finding the right executive coach

To find a competent executive coach, start by getting information by doing some research on the Internet or talking to colleagues who have worked with a leadership coach. You also have to share your project with your supervisor in order to get your support. Those who work in a multinational company or who work in a large group should contact the human resources department. Often American and French companies have planned leadership development programs including internal and external training and coaching programs. The human resources of these companies have set criteria for the selection of managers and managers who can enjoy coaching sessions. The companies have also provided conditions for taking charge of these training courses. Whatever the category of the employee, it will reflect well on its ambitions. Find the ideal coaching by contacting the executive coaches you have been advised, take into account your impressions during the interview and learn about their working methods.