Finer Methods for the Best Sound System

התקנת רמקולים שקועים

When you buy the sound systems then the options are there perfectly now. Better to be satisfied with 5.1. Movies and series recorded in 7.1 are uncommon. As for the new Atmos 9.1.2 format, compatible movies are extremely rare. In addition, Internet boxes, and streaming services are generally content with 5.1. To enjoy the 7.1 or Dolby Atmos, we are forced to fall back on DVDs and Blu-ray, which limits the catalog and increases the price. It may, therefore, be preferable to invest in a high-end 5.1 set to a fair Atmos 9.1.2 system. At comparable quality, the price of an Atmos installation can triple compared to a 5.1 installation. With התקנת רמקולים שקועים the deals are perfect now.

התקנת רמקולים שקועים

Get rid of your old stereo amp

Audiophiles will prefer to keep their stereo amp to listen to their music, 5.1 video amplifiers are not known for their musical qualities. It is, however, difficult to make cohabit these two amps. The problem comes from the stereo speakers, which lodge on the sides of the TV: the latter must be used in cinema as in music. But it is dangerous to connect the same pair of speakers to two amps. To work around this problem, you must opt ​​for a 5.1 amplifier designed to coexist with a stereo amp. These models are equipped with specific connectors, outputs pre-out to the standard 5.1, and especially not to the stereo standard. But 5.1 compatible amps cost nearly $ 1,000.

Check your 5.1 sources

What will be the share of programs broadcast in 5.1? If you look exclusively at DVDs and Blu-ray, the answer is clear: the vast majority. But if you watch these same movies on TV, with a TNT antenna, or an Internet box, you have a good chance of being deprived of 5.1. Difficult to answer categorically: it all depends on the channel that broadcasts the program, your equipment, your connections, your settings, etc.

What about streaming services?

Many are content with stereo, although some services, such as Netflix, offer a large amount of content in 5.1. Unfortunately, in some users, the sound is converted to simple stereo on the fly, either because of the broadcast material like Internet box, tablet, Smart TV, or because of the connections like HDMI, Wi-Fi. To avoid disappointment, it is better to inform yourself in advance. Unfortunately, you will hardly get a categorical answer: the differences between installations are so numerous and complex that serious sellers will rarely risk certifying it.

Heal the placement of the speakers

Leave at least 50 cm between your speakers and the wall. Do not place the center speaker inside the TV cabinet or underneath. The voices will be muffled and lose clarity. The more the central speaker breathes, the less you will have to turn up the volume to understand the dialogs.

Calibrate the amplifier

Many 5.1 amplifiers are supplied with a small test microphone, to be placed where the ears of the audience are usually located. This microphone allows the amplifier to check that the sound of each speaker is balanced. If necessary, the amplifier will adjust the volume, the equalization, and add a small delay, to synchronize the sound of each speaker. In many rooms, this sound calibration dramatically improves the sound.

In case of problems, test all possible connections

When a recent movie only goes into stereo, when it should go to 5.1, do not give up. Try to stream this movie with all the devices you have access to: computer, tablet, Apple TV, Roku, etc. Try out all possible combinations of connections: HDMI, Arc, fiber optic, wireless connection, etc. And explore the settings of the devices, the amplifier, and the TV.