Get your teeth aligned by an orthodontist

cabinet dentaire Lausanne

cabinet dentaire Lausanne

Orthodontics is related to teeth and gum related problems. It is a branch of dentistry in which the doctor treats the misalignment of teeth.  The main job of an orthodontiste Lausanne is to align the teeth and also adjust the spacing. There are many types of treatments which an orthodontist adopts in order to correct the alignment of teeth and these are given here.

  • Gaps between the teeth are closed.
  • Alignment of teeth is done.
  • The crooked teeth are straightened.
  • Speech is improved
  • Chewing ability is improved.
  • The health of teeth and gums is increased.
  • An improper bite is treated.

Dentiste Lausanne checks other problems of teeth and gums and he also implants dentaires Lausanne if the teeth are missing. The treatment done by hygiéniste dentaire Lausanne cleans the teeth if they are dirty because of the accumulation of food particles. Patients have to go to cabinet dentaire Lausanne for all kinds of treatment related to teeth. The appearance of teeth is also improved after the treatment done by the orthodontist.

Problems detected by an Orthodontist

When the patient goes to clinique dentaire Lausanne then before treating the teeth for alignment, orthodontist checks the mouth and teeth and then decides what type of treatment is needed. He checks whether teeth and jaws are developed properly. If the development is not proper, then it will make the teeth crooked and proper lining of upper and lower teeth may not occur. Such a condition is called malocclusion. It is not considered as a disease as there is no effect on body health. It only embarrasses the patient as his face does not look good and this can lead to depression.

The teeth may also become crooked if the patient is injured because of some of the other reasons. The things that are improved after the orthodontic treatment are as follows:

Protruding front teeth

This treatment helps in improving the appearance of the teeth and they are also protected from further damage when the patient falls or gets injured during sports.


If the jaw is narrow, teeth do not get enough space to grow. In such a case, the orthodontist has to remove some of the teeth so that other teeth can grow well.

Impacted teeth

This may occur when the wisdom teeth come out partially or do not comes out from the gum.

Asymmetrical teeth

This is the case in which upper and lower teeth do not match due to misalignment. The patient has a problem in closing the mouth due to which teeth are often visible.

Deep bite or overbite

In this case, the location of the upper teeth is far from that of the lower teeth.

Reverse bite

In this case, the lower teeth are far from the upper ones. This leads to a problem in chewing and also speech is not clear.

Wrapping up

Contacting an orthodontist is necessary of the teeth are misaligned, which result in speaking and chewing problems. He checks the teeth and uses various tools to align them to eliminate all the problems.