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ดอกเบี้ย สินเชื่อ รถยนต์

It must be remembered that the bank may also be interested in other issues: how many people we have, what profession we do and whether we have a life insurance policy. Our creditworthiness is usually checked by special banking algorithms, often supported by trained analysts. In order to build a credible, strong creditworthiness, not only the income is important, but also not the payment of fees credit installments or repayment of credit cards, but also regular payment of, for example, telephone subscriptions, stable employment and maintenance costs. With ดอกเบี้ย สินเชื่อ รถยนต์ this is important.

Housing loan: how to get what documents are needed?

All right, we already know what the amount of own contribution should be, what creditworthiness is and how to build it. Time, therefore, to answer the question, what documents need to be provided to apply for a mortgage? As the loan for a flat is a serious, usually long-term commitment, the list of documents is not short:

Documents confirming our income, i.e. first of all a certificate from the employer about the income obtained usually from the last three, six or twelve months, tax settlement for the previous year and statements from all accounts in particular those affected by our remuneration.

ดอกเบี้ย สินเชื่อ รถยนต์

Contracts for all other loans and borrowing together with the schedule of their repayment sometimes also along with a bank statement of the current amount of debt:

Documentation about the property itself as a rule, there are fewer of them in the case of a flat from the primary market, a little more when buying a flat located on the secondary market, and the most in house construction be it a developer or the so-called economic system, ie own with forces or with the help of subcontractors.

Completing all these documents is not easy and takes some time, so it usually takes several weeks to apply for a mortgage. The process itself is also not the easiest one it can be cumbersome and requires proficiency in dealing with the bank. It is worth using the services of an experienced credit intermediary who will take us through this route efficiently and effectively.

Many people think that the credit procedure requires a lot of west, nerves, and documents. Contrary to these appearances; a mortgage loan is not such a complicated banking product. However, to go through banking procedures painlessly, a lot depends on how accurate and accurate the tips and advice that a bank employee will give us and also from ourselves.

Do not be afraid to ask for details before you take out a loan and sign a loan agreement. Remember that there are no stupid questions. And guided by this principle, let’s investigate everything that interests us. It is very important, because with the loan, which we will choose today, we will live for 10, 20 or 30 years.

The method of determining the interest rate

It is very important to pay attention to the provisions regarding the method of determining the interest rate. The most important thing is getting information in which situations and how often it can be changed. Currently, the most frequent is the determination of the interest rate as the base rate for loans or for foreign currency loans or indexed loans increased by a margin, preferably constant throughout the loan period. It is the base rates, which are updated from time to time, have an impact on the change in interest rates in individual months and years of the loan.