Great Utilities You Can Go for in metal Signs Now

metal signs

The installation of advertising systems is really important, especially if you have started a new business or are looking to consolidate your business. But what do you need to know, even before, to create your advertising and position it in streets and municipalities?

Surely you have to plan your metal signs advertising well, rely on the right company if you want the best signage but you must also inquire about all the necessary authorizations.

metal signs

How to create the best advertising signs

Advertising systems must have a series of specific characteristics in order to be successful. First, they must have simple graphics, very easy to read and understand and also original and creative. In fact, the ultimate goal is that potential customers seeing it are able to immediately connect with the message conveyed by the advertising signs and develop the best predisposition towards the brand.

  • Secondly, it is necessary to understand well which target the company wants to target with advertising. Based on this it will be important to decide the slogan, the style and also the care of other small details.
  • But it is also really essential to study well the position where you want to install the systems. Particularly crowded and busy places and spaces that do justice to the campaign the company wants to do will have to be chosen.

Advertising through street signs is, in fact, one of the best strategies for promoting a company since you have access to many more people than other advertising tools such as television spaces.

  • Then you have to decide the shape and size taking into account many factors, such as the nature of your business or the type of customer you want to attract.
  • A restaurant that wants to install an advertising system will have to think about inserting an arrow indicating the direction in which it is located so that potential customers can reach it more easily.
  • Finally, the advertising signs must be made of resistant materials since ideally, they must be able to convey the message for long periods of time.

Authorizations and other requirements for installation

Each municipality has specific regulations on the documentation necessary before installing the advertising posters.

Municipalities usually have a branch that manages production activities. It is sufficient for the company to submit an SCIA request in the regional models. In this case, the procedure lasts a maximum of 60 days and at the end of this, the authorization is left to the company to advertise its products or services permanently or even only temporarily.

However, when the signs are to be placed outside the city territory of the Municipality, authorization must be sought from Anas, which manages the road network in Italy. In this case, it is up to Anas to grant the authorization or not, relying uniquely on compliance with the rules of the Highway Code.

Depending on the type of advertising system, the company may also be required to pay local taxes if they have signs of bulky dimensions and larger than 5 meters.

Tips for installing advertising systems

When you want to create an adequate advertising campaign that takes advantage of outdoor advertising, it is certainly important to rely on a specialized company that is able to help you in the planning and administrative phases.

In fact, a company in this sector can not only offer you valuable advice and can create a perfect advertising strategy, but it can also help you manage administrative and tax obligations, especially if you are a beginner.