Hardwood Floor Vacuuming: The Things You Must Have in Mind

best stick vacuum for hardwood floors

If there are allergy sufferers in the home, it is necessary to evaluate different aspects in a vacuum cleaner: first of all the re-emission class, then the type of filter it uses and finally the exhaust system. As far as the latter is concerned, it is always better to opt for draining the tank from top to bottom, while there is no need for any recommendation for the bag models, which avoid any contact between the user and the collected crop. The filter must be of the HEPA type, preferably of the 12.13 or 14 classifications, which are those that best retain mold and bacteria. The reissue class which identifies the product’s ability to improve air quality in the home is always described in the energy label for allergy sufferers we recommend a product with re-emission class in band A. With the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors now you can have the best deals.

best stick vacuum for hardwood floors

For those who have stairs at home

For those with ladders to be cleaned, it is always advisable to use a compact product or a vacuum cleaner that can be positioned vertically. Other aspects to be evaluated are those related to weight and to the presence of a good handle that allows a comfortable grip, so as to easily move the vacuum cleaner during cleaning. However, although it is very rarely included in the basic equipment, some vacuum cleaners are equipped with a special small nozzle, thanks to which it is possible to carefully clean the individual steps of a staircase.

If you have lots of furniture

A house full of furniture needs a well-equipped vacuum cleaner, which therefore has various nozzles to clean the internal drawers and the external surfaces of dressers, tables, chairs and so on. The ideal kit, therefore, includes a crevice tool for small spaces, a nozzle with bristles to avoid damaging the furniture and a special one for cleaning armchairs and sofas. If the house is particularly crammed with furniture but small, we always recommend buying a compact vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle during transport.

For those with a big house

For those who have a large house we recommend taking a product with low energy consumption, so remember to check on the energy label that the vacuum cleaner is in band A. For very large rooms, moreover, it is better to have a good range that is at least 9 meters. The last element to consider, especially if you clean the house thoroughly only once a week, are the dimensions of the tank which must exceed 1.5 liters. The same goes for the bags, which almost never have a capacity of fewer than 2.5 liters.

For those with delicate floors

For those who have delicate floors, especially parquet floors, there are special brushes on the market that are suitable for this specific need. These accessories are in fact equipped with soft bristles which, even in contact with the most delicate wood, avoid scratching the surface as they pass. In addition to the parquet brush, which is almost always defined this way in the kit supplied, we also recommend checking that the wheels of the vacuum cleaner have a delicate coating: always better if they are rubberized to avoid damaging the floor.