How dogs infected with hyperkeratosis?

hyperkeratosis dog paw

People always wish to have pets as their best companion although people have several options in having pets most of the people first choice would be a dog. When people have dogs as their pets, then they should ensure the dog health since the dog would get infected to many diseases, so people need to give proper vaccination to the dog. There is several infection affect dog but among all hyperkeratosis dog is a common skin condition affected to dogs with less than one year. Many people do not aware of this and would leave their pet as if they are ok. But in general, a dog with less than one year age this is a skin condition is commonly passed through genes. When a dog is affected with hyperkeratosis dog paw and hyperkeratosis nasal diseases the nose and paws skin gets hardened and thicker along with this skin condition dogs would also have abnormal hair growth in dog legs and paws. Many can think what would cause this hyperkeratosis dog paw skin condition and how it can be cured? The main reason dog affects with hyperkeratosis disease when they have high keratin level or due to fibrous protein is produced in the outer layer of the skin all these make you pet get infected to hyperkeratosis disease. When a dog is infected with this disease, the dog will get abnormal hair growth which would cause more pain to your pet. So when you notice that pet dog has hyperkeratosis dog paw, it is better to take them to VET.

Is there any way to cure hyperkeratosis dog?

When people identify hyperkeratosis dog paw and nose in their pet the first thing, they will search for vaccination to cure the disease. But unfortunately for a hyperkeratosis skin condition, there is no permanent cure medicine instead of that VET would give temporary remedy to your pet. Most of the VET will remove harden and thicken skin from paws and nose of a dog and apply some smoothening vaccine to get rid of the pain. Moreover, when people see hardened and thickened the skin on nose and paws, it does not mean that your pet is affected with hyperkeratosis. There are some other diseases which have the same symptoms which are listed below.

  • Canine distemper
  • Pemphigus foliaceus
  • Zinc-responsive dermatosis
  • Leishmaniasis

Canine Distemper: this is a common disease affected to all breeds of puppies, but people can avoid this disease by providing proper vaccination. Thus at present, these viruses are rare to see in puppies.

Pemphigus foliaceus: this is a common skin disease occurred due to autoimmune, and it can be diagnosed by biopsy and giving immunosuppressive drugs to dogs.

hyperkeratosis dog paw

Zinc-responsive dermatosis: this is another skin disease occurring to the dog due to improper absorption of zinc by a dog; it can only be treated with zinc supplements.

Leishmaniasis: this skin disease is caused by a parasite which is carried by sand flies moreover this disease and illness are controllable with medicines.

Apart from this when your pet has hyperkeratosis ski condition, then the only way is to prevent them from having high keratin level and maintain them in a proper way.