How to downsize your home before the move?

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Living in large houses can be such a fantastic idea but cost and maintaining the home is quite a burden. If you feel overwhelmed with the present home, moving to a smaller home works the best. Further, aRemovals Company Essex can help you to move to a smaller space for helping you mentally and financially. Downsizing a home can be a huge task.  Following these tips can make it easier.

Tips to downsize the house easily

1. Go through all the items and try minimizing the duplicates

Do the three-box method, where first you take three boxes. Label them as “keep it”, “get rid of it” and “put in storage”. Keep the daily used items in the Keep box. After the keep box is full, start packing the other boxes also. Getting rid of all the items you don’t need anymore saves a lot of space.

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The Get Rid of the box can be used for donation purposes also. All the seasonal items can be put in the storage boxes. Place neat labels against each container so you know what you need.

2. Try going digital if possible

Sort all your old bills, receipts, or anything you need to recycle. Likewise, Store all the important papers in plastic files. Scan all the copies you might need in the future, and throw them away. Music, photos, and movies are best when converted digitally. This will free up a lot of space in the living room. If you are in doubt about the DVDs or CDs, the removal company will help in recycling them.

3. Measuring of the old furniture

You might not have enough space to fit in your older furniture for the small home. Measure the furniture to fit in the spaces, and part with any if there is a need. Figure this out ahead, rather than purchasing a couch and finding out that it doesn’t fit properly. Avoid buying new items until you have an idea of the space in your new smaller home.

4. Making an inventory of all the belongings

When you downsize the home, there might not be enough space for all the items. Besides, separate all the non-use items from the ones you will be using daily. If you come across something you haven’t used for 1 year, it’s time to let it go. The only purpose for downsizing is to use the things that you actually need.

5. Making most of the storage spaces

While downsizing the home, it’s crucial to maximize the storage space. Some general things to keep in mind are:

  • Make use of floating shelves in places like kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  • Creating built-in storage spaces in the home wherever you can. There is multi-functional furniture like bookshelves, entertainment centers, platform beds with drawers, etc.
  • Utilize the secret spaces in your homes like closets, stairs, etc.


Downsizing can help in saving time and space in homes. It helps people to learn how to live a lesser fulfilled life. A removal company helps in moving all your belongings from larger homes to smaller homes.