How to fix or repair a dent in Aluminum Garage doors?

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Wooden garage is not very reliable in the rain-shed area. Aluminium or steel garage doors replace them. Their durability and low maintenance make them popular in most of the house. Despite having so much popularity and have so many advantages, still, it has many negative aspects. They dent easily when hit hard by some object.

The Garage Door Repairs woodbridge may suffer a dent for many reasons, some cases serious damage, and or others may be small in many cases. It varies from small apparently from a baseball bouncing in the wrong direction or bicycle bump into the door accidentally to the large from accidental cars backs into the door making a serious dent over it. It will bend the entire garage door, initially causing additional damage that may require professional help. But if the dent is small or of manageable size then we easily fix it with minimal things and at a low cost.

Before calling the expert examine the dent carefully. You may fix the damage on your own without the help of an expert if the dent is not serious.

What you need to fix the dent at home:

Garage Door Repairs woodbridge

When working with repairing dents make sure you have the following items in your house. The remaining which is not there purchased from your local market for minimal cost.

  • Medium size bucket
  • Dishwasher soap
  • Hose for constant water supply
  • A sponge.
  • Aluminium foil
  • Lighter
  • Can of compressed air used for cleaning keyboards


  1. Fill the bucket with water. It is advised to use warm water. Add some dishwasher soap to the water. Use the sponge and wash the dented area completely. All grim and dirt should be removed from the place. After cleaning rub the place with a clean cloth and make the place dry. We should keep in mind that the area should clean and dried properly before going to the next step.
  2. Take out the aluminium foil and cover the dented area. Take it extra above the area to hold onto it. Cut the piece that is required and keep the piece within your reach.
  3. Cover the dented area with aluminium foil. Hold the foil with one hand and with another hand light on the lighter. Move it over the area of the dent making sure that the entire damaged area is covered with flame. Do this constantly for a minute in a motion. The whole area must be heated.
  4. When the place is sufficiently heated, remove the foil. Take out the air can and hold it upside down and spray for at least 30 seconds. The position of the can cause CO2 to release and it works as a catalyst for removing dents from aluminium garage doors.

The dent will go back to its place and disappear in two minutes as the temperature extremes between heat from the lighter and cold from the air can helps it to get back in shape. If the dent is more serious or deep it may take more than one treatment and if the dent does not disappear, call professional garage repair companies.