Making the Family Tree for You Now

Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research

In general, we do not go back to the same level for each branch of the tree and each family. One can easily be stuck in 1815 for one family, while for another it goes back to 1650. For the Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research this is important now. In case of the Professional Research you need to give the service provider all the information that you know and come up with the solutions that they come up with. The whole process is quite important and you need to be specific for the same now.

How long does it take to do genealogy?

  • Passion when you hold us. All the amateurs in genealogy will tell you, one counts more. It all depends on the time you have, but especially on your ancestors.
  • If your ancestors are all from the same region, you will move faster than anyone doing research in 18 departments or in multiple countries. As you Hire a Researcher you can come up with the finest deals for the lot now.
  • It is also more difficult to follow ancestors who migrate like sabotiers than families established in the same village for 10 generations.

First inquiry: let’s go

The first step is to collect documents and information:

  • Applying for civil status records
  • Search for family papers
  • Applying for civil status records
  • Civil status: birth certificate

Collect the complete civil status records (birth, marriage): you must therefore ask these acts to the town halls where these events took place: Conduct research in the town hall.

With these first elements, you then ask the civil registration authorities for acts concerning your parents (Sosa 2 and 3). Indeed, your birth certificate shows the date and place of birth of your parents. You will find on their birth certificate, in marginal mention, their date and place of marriage.

Search for family papers

Family papers: booklet, photos

Look first for family booklets that have only existed since the 1870s. These are information mines. Also look for:

  • Identity card, passports
  • Military booklets
  • Notarial acts such as marriage contracts
  • Correspondences, announcements (very precious)

How to conduct this survey

There is only one solution, to question the family. Go see the deans of the family who can inform you by giving you names, dates, places. They can also tell you stories, memories; explain how we used to live Sometimes they will explain situations that seemed to you blocked, will even reveal “family secrets”.

The family booklet is often kept in the bottom of a drawer. Look who owns it and make a photocopy or scan it.

Family photos

Take out the photographs that always bring out memories. You will find unknown family members for you. See the page on family photos.

Visit the cemeteries: Note the epitaphs that often give some information: name, first name, year of birth and death.

Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research

Some tips for your genealogical research

  • Use a notebook rather than flying sheets that are easily lost.
  • In this notebook, write down everything you find as you go.
  • Mention the source, the date of discovery of the information.

For your genealogical research , do not limit yourself to one type of document.