Meyhomes Capital – A Dream Island

tiện ích Meyhomes Capital Phú Quốc

Everybody in the world will have a passion to live in paradise for some times during their life itself. People are searching heaven on Earth, such seekers will find a place called tiện ích Meyhomes Capital Phú Quốc . PhúQuốc is a new grand world and its products are highly marvellous and attractive. It is a dream island city. It is also called Boutique Grand world. As per the word grand, the city is dazzling the eyes of the visitors. It pricks the heart to buy it immediately, to enjoy the surprises present on the Island.

tiện ích Meyhomes Capital Phú Quốc

It is specially designed to open sales from May 2021. It comprises of stay houses, business correspondence, resorts, sports centre and all the luxuries to enjoy the life wonderfully and awfully. It’s a sustainable investment and it has an assurance of profit while investing here. Sixty per cent of the amount can be claimed through a bank loan and the remaining could be arranged by the investor. The loan starts with 0% of interest in the first two years and a grace period will be given for 4 years for the capital or else the customers can claim a payment schedule for 2 years in 16 instalments. There is a special discount available for the customers who are paying their amount well in advance before the 16 instalments can be given a discount of 8 to 9.5% in the selling price directly. It is an additional benefit to the customer. Once the contract is get signed they were given VND 200 million as direct sales deduction.

Meyhomes Capital

The customer who is paying their amount in advance will get a management fee-free for 2 years and they can claim 1% off discount in buying the 2nd flat there. Insurance will be provided by the apricot and Olive subdivisions. While signing the contract the customer has to pay the 23% of the amount as initial payment. The bank will support them for 65%. Customers who are paying their 95% in the single payment can claim a discount of 6%. Three modes are available, the customer can choose their option on their own.


The name of the Project is An Thoi Ward- Phu Quoc –Kien Giang. It is situated in the Sun Grand City Hillside residence of Sun Group. Its building occupies a density of 60%. It’s a product of Shophouse- A Commercial town. It has 364 units of quantity. Customers can claim their offers according to the contract and even they can claim 10 nights free to stay in CapellaHanai Hotel. The medical centre is available to meet out the inconveniences. Bai Dai beach is located near to enjoy the most beautiful beach. The grand world provides entertainment as well as profitable in experimenting with the golden key to unlock their special prizes as a gift. The streets are always busy with people moving here and there to finish their work and the basic requirement of the people are highly satisfied with the range of 3 to 5-star hotels and complex for shops and trade.  So people are very busy doing their jobs and they enjoy the beauty of the island on their holidays. They work hard for 5 days in a week and the remaining two days they enjoy it with the natural background and they go in a dream of paradise.