Mirror Magic, the Photobooth of Your Festive Events

mirror photobooth toronto

The “Magic Mirror”, a unique photo booth that guarantees a friendly and fun atmosphere during your private or corporate event. We forget the classic box shape, and we discover an elegant Magic Mirror that takes part in your decoration.

Photo Booths, the Trend of the Moment

Photo booths, also called photobooth in English, are the trend of the moment in the festive world of events. Whether you are an individual or a company, you all want to please your guests, customers or collaborators by offering them an original animation, fun and to make them live a unique moment they will not forget so soon. With the mirror photobooth toronto the options expand now.

Magic Mirror, an original photobooth in its form and use, is accompanied by a live animator to help your guests to pose, to handle the photobooth or simply to ensure the smooth running of your animation.

Mirror Magic, a Photobooth Almost Unique In France

Most of the time, photobooths all have a similar shape: i.e. a box that rests on feet and that is installed in the corner of the room. It is an effective animation, which takes up little space and which everyone loves.

mirror photobooth toronto

Yes, but Magic Mirror is not an ordinary photo booth. As its name suggests, it’s a magic mirror, because it tends to make us look younger and sends us back to our tender childhood memories with the ugly witch Snow White who keeps asking her mirror, which is the most beautiful. With only four existing models, you can boast of being among the first to have used the wonderful Mirror Magic.

A Professional Quality Photo Booth

The Mirror Magic concept has been designed and designed to make you have a good time. It is an animation that pairs perfectly with the performance of a photographer, who can immortalise every precious moment of your event and even photograph the other side of the scene. The Magic Mirror, equipped with high-end material and a professional light, ensures you an optimal quality in its photo prints.

You can take photos in unlimited, horizontally, vertically, you can customize the background, insert its logo, its name or a date, the guests can sign their photo on the touch mirror directly, we can realize animated gifs, record video clips, share photos on social networks, and even upload them online after the event. With such a range of possibilities and by offering your guests some accessories to make the party crazier, your guests have not finished taking pictures. Whether you choose for your event, a fantastic theme, magical or even chic and luxury, this white and silver mirror will fit perfectly in your decoration.

Mirror Magic, For What Kind of Events?

Whether you are organising a private or corporate event, each of us loves photo booths. What a pleasure for the guests to share a fun time with family, friends, colleagues, leave with a memory, and leave one to their guests. This animation, very simple to put in place, has the power to seduce all the guests, and this, whatever their age. This creates a delicious and careless moment, where an excess of seriousness has no place. The experts’ gather and can even bring laughter and laughter to those who dare to approach it when they tell you that he has something magical about this mirror.