OMG specifications recommended for adoption and improved support conditions

Last week I visited the OMG TC in Jacksonville Florida. Besides being sponsor/exhibitor at the event we had 3 specifications up for the OMG Architecture Board (AB). AMI4CCM and IDL2C++11 where delivering their FTF reports and RCLM its RTF report.

The presentations for the AB where successful, all three specifications are recommended for adoption and are up for voting right now. After the voting period ends on October 26th 2012 we should have 3 new formal OMG standards. At the end of the meeting we chartered for all 3 specifications a revision task force that will again work in further improvements.

The most impressive is the new IDL to C++11 Language mapping. The existing IDL to C++ mapping has been under discussion for more than a decade and nobody ever dared to touch it. We have been able to get this new language mapping implemented and standardized within an 2 year period. For projects that are able to move to C++11 this new language mapping will greatly simplify CORBA, DDS, and CCM development compared to the existing IDL to C++ language mapping. Remedy IT has published a set of examples using this new mapping to demonstrate its power.

There has been some discussion whether we can create a C++03 profile of the new IDL to C++11 language mapping. That would allow users that are unable to move to C++11 to use a more modern and easy to use mapping. Currently we lack funding to work on such an effort, but if there is funding, this could be done.

As last we finished our revisied remote support conditions this week. These are the result of several talks we had with various customers. The new conditions now clearly state the various models and also give a guaranteed initial response time. Anyone interested in using our support can now clearly read the various options with their costs and guarantees we have.

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