BCES 2012 conference

Last week I attended the Dutch BCES conference. This is the only Dutch IT conference focussed on the embedded and realtime domains. Same as last year we had a booth at the exhibition but this time our location was much better. At the booth we had material regarding our CORBA, DDS, CCM, and D&C based products and services.

As part of the middleware track we presented about the work we are doing for the DARPA F6 project. Remedy IT is participating as a subcontracter of the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University on a team lead by Gabor Karsai.

The focus of Remedy IT is on the component layer of the F6 model driven architecture. As part of this effort we are integrating and extending the CIAO component model implementation for use with the F6 platform. The integration of OpenDDS into the CIAO DDS4CCM implementation has been initially done on the common CIAO DOC group repository and is available for the general public as part of the recent CIAO releases.

If you are interested in the presentation, we have published a version on the Remedy IT website.

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