php lx

Nowadays we are using a lot of cards today, right? If you see everywhere, then there will be cards. Even the government is also introducing smart cards. Yes, even more government has gone a long way with their new plan. Yes, they want to introduce the plan that is “one country, one card”. Yes, they want to introduce this plan across the country. They thought it reduces the problems in rations. For example, your native place is west Bengal but now you stayed in Tamilnadu. And you are also poor. Yeah, maybe India becomes next Somalia. Because do you know the problem in this country? Rich get richer and at the time-poor get poor. They thought this plan reduces the remedies in the rations.

Did you hear about the php lx ? Maybe if you are from the computer science department and coder, then you will know about the PHP lx. Frankly speaking, I am not from computer science and coding. So I have no plenty of knowledge about this. But I have tiny. I know that did you guys getting confused about my elaboration? If you are a problem with this, then you will be right. Do you know why I started with sim cards then coming into India’s budget plans and then comes into PHP? Everything is connected. Yes, everything is interconnected in the world.

Definitions for the above:

php lx

What is a sim card? Nowadays everyone is aware of what is a sim card? Do you know why? Can you see a man without mobile phones? No, it is not possible nowadays. Can you see a man without 4G mobiles? No, it is not even possible. Yes, they are cheap nowadays. We are waiting for 5G. I mean our country India. Yes, many countries are miles ahead of us. We are generating using telephones and the Nokia 1100 cell phones and now we are miles ahead using 4G everywhere. Everyone aware of this detail but only a few knew the abbreviation of the sim. If you want to now know, then your friend Google for you.

Sim card is nothing but a subscriber identification module. The function of a sim is lies. It helps to save the subscriber’s identification like call details, call history, caller details, and like other details about calls. And PHP stands for hypertext pre-processor. In other words, PHP is a server scripting or Html embedded language. Html is nothing but hypertext marker language. It is a building block for the web pages. It creates an electronic form of the web pages that makes stronger the World Wide Web. Html and PHP are mostly the same but differ from one end. Can you imagine a car? There are four wheels, right? Html like front wheels and PHP like back wheels. I mean Html used as a front end language and PHP used as a back end language. Using these codlings you can create an app and some tech wonders too.

What are the companies using PHP?

Many major companies are using PHP coding and there are,

  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo
  • Tumbler
  • Daily motion

And PHP using in an operating system too and there are,

  • Microsoft
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • Solaris
  • Mac os