Smart Devices to Make your Home Smarter Like Anything

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Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot are the competitors in the field of the smart speaker. Yes, when you think of the smart homes you would think of these two brands. Though there are different brands these two are the one which accomplished their strong place in this field. People love to have a smart speaker at their home because it makes their home smarter. You could find only slight differences between the two and it is always your choice in choosing anyone among the two. In this article, I have mentioned some tips and features of the two smart speakers. By reading this article you could some ideas and prefer the right to beautify your home for sure. For your information, Ben Fisher Magic Co is known in voice technology.

Distinguish between the Smart Devices:

First I would talk about Google Home which is white and at the base, it would be black. As we all, Google is something that we use to know if we any doubts regarding anything and it would be the best answers provided by Google. People who use Google Assistants a lot would prefer Google Home because both have almost the same qualities and it does not require any special ideas to use. You can also connect Bluetooth and ask Google to play songs. It also has the feature to look into Netflix and Youtube which attracts most of the people. As the versions change as a regular process then it would be ranging higher and higher in its level.

Next, I would like to say about Amazon Alexa. This is also very cute in appearance and you can keep this device anywhere at your home. It is available in three colors and it is known to you well that Amazon is the producer of this smart device. If you want you can buy it on Amazon or any other service. When do you think what differentiates both devices? The answer is that in the Amazon Alexa you find things very localized and natural. It is bounded for the usage of the Indian. This is the reason why in India Alexa is going best. But in Google everything is hi-fi and it takes some time for you to understand because it is verbally very strong.

Benefits of the Two:

I would tell you one thing, Alexa is which has an expandable skill within it and Google Home is something that has wide knowledge. It is right enough to call Amazon Echo Dot as Alexa. It is the pet name of the device but it is not in Google. Every time you call, you should alert and wake up Google by saying ‘Okay Google’. Amazon can answer in English and Google knows the official and national languages of India. Amazon can play Tamil songs also but this you cannot expect from Google as it is only strong in English.

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The sound clarity of the speaker also Amazon is a little bit slow and clear. But Google is fully matured only people who know English well can converse with it. I would say that Amazon is the right device for the Indian circle and if you are well adapted to use Google Assistant on your mobile then you can choose Google Home.