Smartest Choices for the Best CCTV Usage


Smartest Choices for the Best CCTV Usage

If an intelligence agency wants to monitor a target, he will succeed. But most people are not targeted, persons. If you do not want to be a by-catch, protect yourself from criminals or want to protect your privacy, there are a few tips you should follow. From ราคากล้องวงจรปิด you can now know a lot.

Be careful when choosing the provider

Decide which companies you entrust your data to. From the fund of former intelligence officer Edward Snowden, details come to light as the NSA gets to the data of customers of various companies. For example, it has recently become known that US intelligence, in conjunction with the UK’s GCHQ, has been gathering data from Google and Yahoo data centres, and many other company names were already being discussed : Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype, and many others.

Experts, therefore, recommend choosing their providers wisely and, for example, switching to European services as a first small step. Setting up a new e-mail address is no big deal. Cryptography expert recently told it sounds a bit tough, but do not trust any company at the moment; we have the situation that US companies need to install backdoors, but not about them allowed to talk.


However, you should not just choose your e-mail provider carefully; it also applies to search engines, web browsers, chat programs, storage services, social networks and above all the operating system. For example, the Prism-Break portal, which offers free alternatives to the scathing scandal for popular services and systems, can help with this difficult choice.

Encrypt emails and data

Encryption works during a reading session in the Guardian. Strong cryptography systems are one of the little belongings you can trust. And he has to know, after all, he has managed with the help of encryption technology to contact journalists and secure the explosive data.

The message does not change the principle that the NSA weakens and circumvents various encryption standards on the Internet. Experts are certain that encryption technology like the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) invented experts, is safe. Renowned security expert hinted in the trust math. Encryption is your friend.

But here, too, it is important to choose the right product. Experts advise treating commercial products with suspicion. Experts agree that only open source products can be trusted, i.e. software whose source code is publicly available. For every connoisseur can check the code for security holes and backdoors and users do not have to blindly trust a sole proprietorship.

Making calls becomes a bit more difficult: although there are programs here to secure text messages and phone calls; but anyone who really fears being intercepted needs to get a good crypto phone, and that’s expensive. Above all, you need a counterpart: Encrypted calls can only be made with someone who also owns such a device. This is too complicated for our politicians, even though they have this technique at their disposal. So even they fall back on their normal phones which are by no means considered tap-proof.