Smartest Moves on the Affiliate Marketing Process

You’ve certainly heard about affiliate marketing. You may only know the term, or you know about how it works. Professionals give you a short overview of exactly what affiliate marketing is, how to use it, and what it is possible to get from it. There will also be a practical tutorial, links to expanding literature, and even an opportunity to try out an affiliate and get a lifetime commission. For more on this can be the best option.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing has already appeared on the Internet in 1998 and is improving every year. This is a performance-based form of marketing that, unlike traditional forms of advertising pay-per-click or pay-per-view, allows you to pay for a conversion. It is a partner marketing.

Business Partnership: That’s what’s going on

But affiliate marketing is not limited to generating sales. You can use it for anything that a customer has to do on your site or e-shop and can be easily measured:

  • Registration Commission
  • Filling in the inquiry form
  • Involved in the competition
  • Mediating contact

How does an affiliate work?

An affiliate program works on a partnership basis. On the one hand, there is an advertiser, for example, an e-shop that wants to promote its product. On the other hand, he is a partner, e.g., a blogger who wants to recommend a product to people and get a commission from it. An advertiser creates an affiliate program to which partners can register. Once registered, each partner will receive their affiliate link. This link is always unique and contains a partner ID. If someone clicks on this link and buys the advertiser’s product or service, the partner gets a pre-arranged commission.

The affiliate works with cookie technology

On the same principle as remarketing in PPC advertising and thanks to that, everywhere on the web and e-shops you get those annoying buzz. After clicking on the affiliate link, cookie information in the form of a text file that is stored on the client’s side and containing your visit data is placed in the client’s web browser.

Partners can promote advertiser services or products in different ways:

  • Via your website (blog articles, reviews, videos)
  • Newsletter (email marketing)
  • Thanks to social statuses (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)
  • Through search engines
  • The principle of browser operation

How to make an affiliate work?

The most common ways to get started with an affiliate is to join an existing affiliate network or to deal with everything on your own through special software.

Affiliate Network

The affiliate network provides advertisers with partners to promote their services or products. For each mediated purchase, the affiliate advertiser pays a commission at a pre-agreed amount. The Affiliate Network will pay part of the commission to partners who have secured the sale and will retain a portion of the commission for their operation. Usually, it is 10 – 20% of the total order value.


You don’t have to worry about anything; the network will take care of everything for you

You don’t have to look for partners

Quickly launch an affiliate program


Commissions will be paid to both the sales partner and the affiliate network.