The Aspect of the Energy rates for You

Power to Choose

The largest share in the formation of the total consumption of households in the country is the cost of food and housing, 51.8 percent of all expenditures, according to the latest actual data of the National Statistical Institute. Each person spends an average of eight percent of their income on electricity, according to Electricity Distribution. You can have the Power to Choose and so you can also check.

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Our country has been repeatedly criticized for having energy-intensive production and the population spending energy inefficiently compared to other European countries. These data, the constant rise in electricity and steam prices and their increased consumption in the coming cold months of the year, make us think about taking steps to reduce bills.

Power to Choose

It is tempting to hear advertisements for electricity bills that have been on the market for several years and, according to traders, can reduce electricity costs by 30-40 percent and even 75 percent. The prices of the different types of these appliances are between 25 and 40 BGN.

  • According to the vendors, the devices use technology to monitor the power grid and instantaneous power consumption, stabilize the voltage and reduce the reactive power that electrical appliances typically consume from the network. This is achieved by the accumulation of reactive power is specially designed capacitors and the return of that power along the circuit to the electrical appliances at certain points selected through the monitoring system.
  • These devices do not interfere, but they are not as effective as traders make, BTA said. According to him, they can compensate no more than 3-4 kilowatts of household consumption, but in no case have the advertised possibilities. However, the compensation is only for the reactive energy, which the meters of the household consumers do not take into account, the expert noted. According to Milushev, the greater impact could be had on industrial consumers, where consumption is reported differently.

Such an appliance can only have a positive effect on any losses in the wiring of the wiring

Therefore, the effect of them is small, the engineer commented. Despite the unproven savings effect, there have been no consumer complaints against the effectiveness of these devices so far, either at the Consumer Commission or at the Active Consumer Protection NGO, a BTA poll showed.

Users of such a device, on the other hand, said that after its placement, their bill decreased by 1-2 levs a month, but without evidence of even monthly consumption. That is why the most proven ways to reduce bills are experts, expert’s advice. According to research, most of our bills 58 percent are due to heating in winter and cooling in summer.

How to Save Energy

Replacing light bulbs with energy-saving lights or LEDs would have a quick effect on lowering the bill, as the day goes down and lighting will be used more and more in the coming months, with lighting accounting for 6 percent of electricity bills. Compared to classic light bulbs, they save up to 80 percent of the electricity at relatively the same level of lighting and longer life, experts estimate.

Chargers for phones, handhelds, cameras, cameras, and other personal devices are energy vampires. Keep them off while you need them because the amount of electricity they use while actually doing no work is unreasonably high, researchers say.