The Best of Vaping for You Now


As for the aroma, the best is to choose the one that is closest to the cigarette, to avoid a change of scenery from the first experience, which could traumatize the smoker. Once you start smoking electronic cigarettes, these small doses of nicotine will prevent cravings. After a few months, the smoker gets used to the electronic cigarette, and the need for nicotine will be automatically eradicated. Go for the best vape there.

Quit smoking permanently

Most people who choose to smoke electronic cigarettes would like to quit smoking at some point. Indeed, once you are used to the electronic cigarette, it is easier to drop out. The first thing to do to quit smoking permanently is to gently reduce the nicotine level of electronic cigarettes. To do this, simply follow the method explained in the previous paragraph.

Once this first step is completed, you must move on to the second which consists of taking another e-liquid with a higher nicotine level than the last, but which is lower than what we used to smoke. Concrete example: if we used to always smoke e-liquids with 12mg / ml, we will take another one which makes 6mg / ml. Then, after the two days, we will vape with an e-liquid that makes 9mg / ml to find satisfaction.


This method seems to be constrained with the objective to be reached, but it is effective in that it can gradually reduce the level of nicotine that we smoke with electronic cigarettes every month. In the end, the need to take nicotine will no longer be felt. It will then be up to the smoker to choose to continue vaping for pleasure or to definitively stop everything, without stressing.

In recent years, the electronic cigarette has become more and more popular with users. While the sale of tobacco is almost in free fall and the sale of nicotine substitutes is stagnating. If this is the first time you have faced this revolutionary little gadget, you will surely have a hard time understanding where to start and how to go about it. But don’t panic, experts, coming to your rescue.

The electronic cigarette: what is it?

As you know, the electronic cigarette is not a real cigarette since there is no tobacco and no combustion in its composition. According to your desires, you can choose a vaporizer which diffuses or not nicotine. Generally, this vaporizer contains five main ingredients. The propylene glycol creates the vapor and which transports in fine drops the nicotine and the aromas. Vegetable glycerin helps to densify the vapor and also transport aromas and nicotine and of course aromas to give a taste, water and alcohol.

You should also understand that the electronic cigarette is a way to reduce the risk for an adult smoker. And this claim is quantified because there are currently nearly 73,000 deaths per year due to smoking. Moreover, the ingredients that make up the electronic cigarette are elements that have been found in the food and pharmaceutical industry for years and are recognized by health professionals. Certainly, the scientific knowledge around this product still needs to be enriched, because inhaling aromas is not the same as integrating them. However, the studies known to date claim that the electronic cigarette has a toxicological profile at low risk and can even be compared to nicotine substitutes available in pharmacies.