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Always be aware of what you are writing and think about the assignment. Firstly, it is important to remember what type of text you are writing and also what topic to write about. Since you often have time pressure when writing an essay, it is important not to take in too many sidetracks.

Be confident when writing. Sure, you also have to be humble for the text to be credible, but if you over-protect yourself, the entire text will feel insecure and the content will drown in everyone “maybe” and “possibly”. From the homework market you can have the best options available now.

Think about time even in the end. It is important that you are able to finish your essay and change things that you have submitted. For example, if you with five minutes left, it may be better to round off than to start with a whole new piece, even though it may mean you are not taking advantage of the last two minutes. However, the chance that your new piece would be good is not particularly great if you put it together in a few minutes. Think about the language and structure of your essay.

For tips on what to think about, read: General Writing Tips

A linguistic thing worth mentioning, as it is a very easy mistake to make, is not to forget to use the same tempus throughout the text. Check this out carefully if you have time to read your thesis.

Write a comment on a literary work

If you get a text to analyze on-site, e.g. a poem, start by reading through it several times.

Then move on to look for and highlight important things in the text. Be sure to customize the things you are looking for. Typical things you can look for are:

  • Style Mediterranean
  • Message
  • The feeling in the text
  • Action
  • People and places that are important in the text
  • Links to other texts by the same author

If you are going to comment on something you have read before, this is basically the same principle: identify things that you remember that contributed to the book’s feeling or message. Write these down.

homework market

Once you have identified things that you think are important, it is time to think about an outline and how to get everything in a good way in the text. Here, too, it is important that you always have the very task in mind. Everything you write should help answer the assignment, otherwise, it can be left out.

Always think about why the author has written in a certain way. For example, if you find an anaphor, write not only that there is an anaphor, but also how it contributes to the text (it may, for example, affect the rhythm when reading the text?).


Use quotes from the text to support your interpretations. Remember, however, not to use too many quotes, most of the text should be your own words. Of course, if you do not have the text in front of you, it may be difficult to remember specific quotes, but do not hesitate to use them if you remember some.