The Developme nt of the Warcraft Game Powerleveling

The developer can use this article to improve the overall quality of his game. This is by no means a step-by-step guide, but only a collection of ideas and useful tips based on personal experience. The first part of the article was more focused on the visual component of level design, this time we’ll talk about even more fundamental things, from prototyping to playtesting with analytics. A visit to can be the best deal.


It’s no secret that by spending time prototyping now, you will save a lot of time and effort later. This is obvious, it is important, and for some reason, we often neglect this stage. Inexperience, the longer the team works, the more difficult it is for edits and alterations to be experienced, so it is critically important from the very beginning to lay a solid foundation in the form of a prototype of the game, levels, key game mechanics. Speaking in the context of level design, your work is conditionally divided into four stages:

In order to impress the player with a large-scale scene, it is not at all necessary to use numerous destruction and explosions. Sometimes quite a lot of military equipment in one frame.

As an example, we can take the final scene of Call of Duty (2010, Treyarch), where we see a whole armada of ships, as well as dozens of aircraft and helicopters flying over them. All this creates a feeling of solemnity and triumph. Remember the military parades they always look very impressive.

Call of Duty

Infinite Warfare (2016, Infinity Ward) takes the concept of epic to a new level here you’ll have an extra from dozens of spaceships the size of a skyscraper, and your own control of a mega-gun that can destroy a huge orbital station with one volley.

Infinite Warfare

Most of the wow moments in God of War 3 (2010, SCE Santa Monica) are also built on the epic scale of what is happening, but the main attention here is focused on the size of the opponents opposing the main character. These are colossal titans, in comparison with which the player looks like a miserable bug.

In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (2017, Naughty Dog), the player’s gaze reveals mesmerizing landscapes with statues and temples of a cyclopean size. Particularly impressive is the opportunity to climb to the top of the gigantic structure and by its actions affect its appearance.

For example, in the episode “The Great Battle”, using ancient mechanisms, the main characters block waterfalls and drain the ruins of a flooded city. Thus, a hypertrophied scale can manifest itself not only in a large number of opponents but also in their exaggerated physical size giant monsters, robots, spaceships the size of a small planet, etc.

Impressive Panorama

The third category of wow moments includes panoramas that are impressive in their beauty and scale. Usually, the effect of entertainment is achieved due to the contrast in comparison with the previous location. Typically, a player is placed in a monotonous, boring and uninteresting environment, and then an impressive and large-scale panorama with a lot of details is shown.