The dog has a dry nose. What to do

dry cracked dog nose

Dog in the house is a huge responsibility for the owner. There are situations where the animal’s nose becomes dry and hot. How to respond to this indicator of dog health, in all cases it is necessary to visit the vet? It should be remembered that in addition to a dry nose may have other symptoms of the dog, so you should not make hasty conclusions, you need to take a closer look at the pet. What to do for the dry cracked dog nose ?

dry cracked dog nose

The dry and warm nose should alert the dog owner.

There may be several reasons:

The most common cause of dry nose and warming may be cold. The loving owner should not only be able to feel the nose of the animal but also measure the temperature. If the indicator on the thermometer exceeds mark 39, other signs of disease cough, acid eyes, and weakness of the dog are visible. Treatment for colds should be initiated.

Often, the cause of a warm nose is an allergic reaction. We are surrounded by allergens everywhere. Plastic dishes, household chemicals, foodstuffs. Dogs, like humans, can respond to allergens. If the dog responds to the allergen, then there will be no more visible signs of disease. You should contact your vet to determine the cause of the allergic reaction.

A dry nose can be seen in a nursing bitch. This is considered normal, so don’t panic and call your vet for the house.

In summer, a dog that is long in the sun can burn the skin. On the nose, the skin is not protected by hair, so possible sunburn. When he noticed that the pet has a warm and dried nose, look at where it was. The kennel must be installed in a cool place so that the animal can rest in the shade. In addition, you should monitor the presence in the area of ​​access to the tank for animals with cold drinking water. In the summer heat the dog can overheat, which is reflected in the dry nose.

In winter, when the weather is frosty and windy, the skin on the dog’s nose may be exposed to natural factors. Winter cold can lead to dry skin of the nose, in more serious cases it can be painful cracks.

During walks and only in the yard, the dog may be accidentally injured. Sometimes trauma leads to symptoms such as dry nose and warming. When he notices that the dog has a warm nose, it should be examined for injury or skin damage. If a pet refuses to give a paw, it will probably hurt her. It is necessary to determine the severity of the injury and seek help from a veterinary clinic or to solve the problem yourself.

Stress situations adversely affect the body of the dog. With nervousness the dog may get a little sick, causing such a symptom as a warm and dry nose.

Dryness of the nose, complete with blistering, refers to the disease as pemphigus. These are diseases of the immune system. Typical symptoms of the disease: blisters with fluid on the skin. After the bubble matures, it bursts, then dried crusts appear to prevent the dog from breathing. Determine the type of pathogen may be after passing the tests.