The Finer Options for the Essential Energy Saving

Energy Rates

The energy required for your heating system accounts for a quarter of your energy bill so keep all windows closed? Not a good idea, because we all need fresh air and a good feeling for yourself. Here are some valuable tips about heat and ventilation. For saving the Energy Rates this is important.

Use energy-efficient appliances

If a household appliance is in need of replacement, buy an energy-efficient variant. The consumption of the devices can be recognized by the mandatory energy label. Nowadays you choose A +++. It is often mistakenly thought that A + is an energy-efficient device. This is even the last label in the market for washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers. Economical devices are more expensive than the less economical variants, but you earn back the difference in power consumption. You can also save energy by paying attention to usage. In the summer, dry your clothes on a clothes rack instead of in the dryer.

Close cracks and crevices

The draft in your house does not feel comfortable. You are often inclined to turn the heating up a notch. You will, of course, use more energy as a result, but your house will still not feel pleasant due to the draft. What therefore works better is closing gaps and cracks in your house. Simple ways are to use draft strips on windows and doors. Sometimes cracks appear overtime at a frame, which can be remedied by sealing it shut.


When there is no draft in your house, you can still lose heat in your house in winter when it is not properly insulated. Examples of insulation are roof insulation, cavity wall insulation and floor insulation. A subsidy has been made available for these types of insulation. Another way of insulating is HR ++ double glazing, which keeps heat in and cold out. Do you know how much you save per insulation measure?

Install a programmable thermostat

You can save energy with a smart thermostat. You can program in advance when the heating will switch on and off again. So you can never forget to turn off your heating. A smart thermostat often makes it possible to provide insight into consumption and you can control your heating remotely. You can also consider putting the heating one degree cooler and putting on a sweater, which will also save energy.

Heat pump

Energy Rates

A heat pump is a sustainable alternative to a gas boiler for heating your home. A heat pump does not work on gas but on electricity and makes smart use of the heat already present in a source. This heat is used as energy to generate even more heat. That’s smart because it saves electricity. There are different types of sources that can be used: outside air, water source or geothermal energy.

Use less water

When you use less water, you lower your water bill. When you use less hot water, you also lower your energy bill gas, or electricity in the case of a heat pump. Your savings are therefore double. You can save hot water by using an energy-efficient shower head, but also by taking shorter or less frequent showers. You can also save energy by lowering the temperature. This can be done through the mixer tap, but also on the gas boiler or boiler or heat pump itself. You can save other water by purchasing an energy-efficient dishwasher or washing machine and using it efficiently. Do not turn on these appliances until they are full and avoid washing more often.