The Finest Choices for the Best Realtor

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To sell or rent your property, apartment, house, commercial walls, you must choose the best real estate agent, one who will be the specialist to make you an efficient service. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, here are the seven criteria to look for to select your quality Denver CO realtor .

  1. Ask the real estate agent to give you the customer reviews

Word of mouth is a good way to get an informed opinion on the quality of a real estate agent’s service.

You can also ask the real estate agent to provide you with contact information, testimonials, or read his guestbook.

The simplest is when the real estate agent displays in the window or on its website the “customer reviews”. These advisories are managed by an independent organization that collects and monitors the accuracy of customer feedback. You can see the opinions of those who trusted the agent.

  1. Check that the real estate agent holds the professional card

The law requires the real estate agent and his associates to hold a professional card. This card is issued for three years by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

The real estate agent may hold one or more cards depending on the trade or trades he/she carries out, transaction, property management, shareholder’s trustee.

The professional card guarantees that the real estate agent meets the criteria for access to the profession (degree in law, economics, master and business management, license or master of real estate trades), that he is authorized by the public authorities to exercise this regulated profession, and that it is insured in professional liability, with a financial guarantee for the funds it is brought to hold on your behalf.

The real estate agent’s employees are usually graduates of higher education and are obliged to attend two days of annual professional training.

  1. Choose a Realtor Networked or Grouped

Finally, the real estate agent partner of a group offers you additional services, such as the concierge service, the resale guarantee, negotiated rates for the establishment of technical diagnostics or the best rates to finance your acquisition.

  1. Choose the sector specialist

If you sell, choose a local real estate agent and check that it is specialized in the type of property (studio, two-room apartment, apartments or family homes) or the neighborhood in which you want to entrust the sale of your apartment or apartment. your house. He must be a specialist in the sector to make an estimate of sales at the market price.

Denver CO realtor

Ask him for the list of goods sold and properties for sale in his portfolio.

The important question to ask him is: how long does it take to sell my goods on the market, at the price you tell me?

  • The price of sale of your property should not be overvalued, although obviously you want to sell at the best price.
  • Check on the web if the real estate agent has enough property for sale, which means that his business is rather flourishing, without too much, because he must also take care of selling each apartment, house that he markets.
  1. Choose an experienced Realtor

The real estate agent who does not have a minimum of five years of experience will have more to learn from you than you from him, and that’s not good.

The experience is necessary to estimate the good at the market price, to secure the legal mechanism of the sale, to organize the visits, to commercialize efficiently, to give the advice to arrange, to check the financial capacity of the purchaser. The experienced real estate agent is also the one who will have the best address book of active buyers who may be interested in your property.