The Perfect Gaming Experiences with the Bouncy Castles

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The cheap inflatable structure will delight your children if they are 3 years old and over. It includes two play platforms: the indoor jumping surface and the small slide judiciously placed at the exit. The first is well protected since it is surrounded by a child safety net. Despite the presence of these protective walls, the supervision of an adult is still desirable, especially when the children are still young. There is also a basketball hoop inside. As for the slide, it facilitates the descent once your child wishes to leave the bouncy castle. Its sparkling color that is to say yellow, red and blue will be for them a source of joy. The two clowns drawn on the pillars of the entrance will not go unnoticed. This inflatable play area will be welcome during birthday parties and any other festive event. You can get the decent information for the same now.

decent information

Of rectangular form, the inflatable castle measuring 245 cm long, 185 cm wide and 245 cm high. As its size is quite large, it will be necessary to provide sufficient and above all clear space during its installation: garden, terrace, etc. Six anchor points keep it securely on the ground. Even in wind or rain, the playground will stay in place. The blower to inflate it in no time is supplied with. It is also this device that will keep everything under pressure so that children can enjoy it. Other items are also offered when purchasing this inflatable playground: a bag to facilitate its storage when it is deflated and a repair kit in case it is perforated in places. In terms of price, this inflatable trampoline is inexpensive compared to its high quality and size.

Product description:

The inflatable play area is from 3 years old. Trampoline and slide functions are for lots of thrills. Very fast 1 min and effortless installation delivered with a permanent snowblower. Maximum security: side protective honeycomb nets and inking system on the ground. Storage bag and repair kit supplied, reinforced plastic canvas structure, 2 simultaneous players’ Minimum age: 3 years, Dimensions: 300x225x175 cm

Bouncy castle and Happy Hop slide

This Happy Hop inflatable structure is one of the best outdoor games on the market. It includes a jumping mat and a slide. Three children aged 3 and over can have fun indoors at the same time since it is a large play area. It measures a total of 365 cm long, 265 cm wide and 215 cm high. As the maximum weight it can support is 113 kg, it can also act as an inflatable castle for adults provided that it does not exceed the load limit authorized by the manufacturer. Do not hesitate to jump on it to release the stress of the day or to have fun indoors with your child for a moment of relaxation with the family. The jump platform is red, the pillars are blue and some elements are yellow. She is surrounded by a protective net for a trampoline. It will not go unnoticed in your garden or terrace and will be the pride of your children in front of their friends.

Made with first choice materials, this bouncy castle for children withstands all weather conditions especially since it is intended to be installed outdoors. Do not forget to lock the anchor points with the necessary tools once the assembly is properly inflated.