Understand the Circumvention of Censorship

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If you cannot establish a direct connection to a site because it is blocked by one of the methods listed above, you will need to find a way to get around the obstruction. A secure proxy server, located in a country that does not filter the Internet, can allow you this type of bypass by fetching for you the pages you want to access. From the point of view of your coach lol , you will simply feel as if you have established secure communication with an unknown computer, the proxy server somewhere on the Internet.

Of course, the government agency responsible for censorship in your country or the company that makes the filtering program updates might eventually discover that this “unknown computer” is actually a bypass proxy. If this happens, the IP address of the proxy could be added to the “blacklist ” and, if so, it will stop working for you. That said, it usually takes some time before the proxy servers are identified and blocked, and the people who design and improve these tools are aware of these risks. In general, they defend themselves using one of the following methods:

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Hidden proxies are more difficult to identify than normal proxies. This is one of the reasons why it is important to use secure proxies, which are usually more discreet. However, encryption is only part of the solution. Proxy administrators, if they want the proxy to remain hidden, must be very careful when revealing the location to new users.

Disposable proxies can easily be replaced when they are blocked. It is not particularly safe to tell users publicly where to find alternate proxies. This is why circumvention tools of this type, for the most part, simply try to thwart censors by distributing the new proxies faster than they are able to block them.

In the end, as long as you’ll be able to attach a proxy to find the services you need, all you need to do is query and view the results using the appropriate Internet application. Usually, the details of this process are handled either automatically by the bypass software that you install on your computer, or by changing your browser settings, or by pointing your browser to a web-based proxy page. The anonymous Tor connection network, discussed in the next section, uses the first method. After that, we’ll see some unique proxy workarounds, which vary slightly from one model to another.

Anonymous Connection Networks

Anonymous connection networks usually “bounce” your connection between several secure proxies to obscure the origin of your requests and the nature of the sites you are trying to reach. This can dramatically reduce the speed at which you can load sites or access Internet services. The Tor program, on the other hand, offers a safe, reliable and public way to bypass the simple use of which saves you a lot of worry. As always, you need to make sure that your connection to a particular website is secure with HTTPS before you start exchanging sensitive information such as passwords and emails through a browser.