Use the Best of laser tag outdoor Now

laser tag outdoor

The goal is to move towards a point. This tactic is to be applied in the case of a scenario that requires you to take control of an area or if you have a particular target in the opposing team. So standing still is a bad idea. Advance lowered. Indeed it protects you from shots that come from heights if there are any. On the other hand, it is forbidden to hide his sensors if the player sees you and forbids camping in a low position. You can go for the laser tag outdoor there.

Don’t look behind you.

If you go fast enough when leaving a secure area, it’s useless, nobody will catch you. The danger comes from the front. Look left and right before crossing. Check the corridors you are not using if there are people. Assess the threat if it is not your target and you are not spotted. Ignore them and continue.

What makes us have fun at a laser game: Friends, fair play, find your style of play.

laser tag outdoor

If you want to meet other players and improve your level, experts will advise you to find a laser game room near you. There are several franchises in your city that offer labyrinths. You must find a dark room with partitions to increase the number of corridors and nooks. If you want to play with friends a well put together scenario, or with colleagues in business, you need to book a room either with a franchise or with the Shoot in your country which does that.

If you want to play outside, you need to get your own weapons to play with friends, but it’s quite expensive. Otherwise, call on a company that can rent equipment and an organizer.

Tips and Tricks for Laser Quest

To help you win your Laser Quest victory, there are a few tips, although some have not proven to be effective.

Playing in profile: here you only need to show your opponent the sensor on one shoulder and the one on the front of your pistol. The advantage is that you “hide” a large part of your sensors like the belly and the second shoulder from those who are facing you. On the other hand, if your opponent arrives from the side, you give him all the facilities.

Play lean forward: you hide your belly and your height is reduced, which is easier to hide behind your opponent. The downside for you is that if your enemy is very large, they can aim at you from above and hit your rear sensors. In addition, you end up having kidney stew.

Shout: that’s a good female tactic. A good cry destabilizes your opponent, you just have to shoot 2 or 3 times and it is deactivated. The problem with this method is that you are still spotted if you abuse it, then you end up voiceless at the same time.

Follow the noises: when you use your pistol, it emits a noise while shooting. In a game, if you hear sounds of shots especially if there are many do not hesitate to go, it means that there is your team who “fights” against enemies and who says enemies, say points. Just as if you meet someone on your team who is affected, move towards the direction from which he comes, it is because there is an opponent around.