What does DVD ripping software used for?

dvd ripping software

People often used to hear their favorite music or watch their favorite movies or any programs in terms of dvds. But in most of the cases, the DVD’s usage is not quite convenient among the people, so most of the people go for DVD ripping software. Many can think what does the DVD ripping software is used for?  How it can help the people to avoid or reduce the usage of DVD? To all these questions the answer would be simple and positive the main motive of the dvd ripping software is to rip the DVD contents into digital format files such as MP4, WMV, AVI, and MOV which get rid of DVD usage. All these digital format files can be used as compact, accessible files which can be used in mobile devices.

Which ripping software is best legal or illegal?

When people wish to rip their DVD into digital formats, they can rip all the files stored within them. Either it may be in folder format or ISO image or in AVI format or in common stored format VIDEO_TS all these can be ripped into any digital formats. There are several ripping software available on the internet among them some of them are known as legal software whereas some software is used illegally without holding any license. Mostly illegal DVD ripping software mainly used to rip the content and burns to other DVD’s and resell them again. So it is better to choose the best legal DVD ripping software in order to get good quality files. Here are some of commonly used DVD ripping software are listed below.

  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
  • Handbrake
  • WonderFox DVD Ripper

The above-listed DVD ripping software is some of the best legal ripping software were some of them are free to use. most of the ripping software remains to be paid and use but it does not mean that only paid ripping software would have better quality. There is some best free DVD ripping software gives best ripping quality.

Various DVD ripping software:

dvd ripping software

WinX DVD Ripper platinum: this ripping software is paid using software where people are allowed to use the trial version of this software for free. Here in trial versions, they can only rip five minutes videos and this software is restricted to make a copy for protected discs.

Handbrake: this is free using software where people do not have any restrictions in ripping. Moreover, the handbrake tool is effective for ripping dvds with desired source formats. This would be a better choice to make home videos, in addition, the working is also simple. The people should choose the destination folder with folder name once the ripping is over the file can be stored in the desired folder.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper: among all software, this is an easy way for ripping DVD into digital formats. Here the user can describe the desired format before starting the process and choose the desired destination location where the ripped files would save.