God created the nature that nature provides us energy rates

Reliant Energy Rates

we get electric energy from the wind. There are many places they provide the energy to the power storing the batteries. In Tamil Nadu, Indian, the windmill the energy produces by 25.5 MW in the place of Muppandal, it was located on the southern side of India. There have many windmill turbines. Basically, the windmill turbines need a very large space. There should be safety first for the windmill turbines. Because the windmill turbines are very large in size. The Reliant Energy Rates . And the windmill turbines have sharp blades. It will be very sharper. By the speed of the wind, the windmill turbines will produce electric energy. The electric energy will be saved in the power areas. The windmill turbines, if you need to build it in your large space, you need the government approvals. After getting approval from the government and buy the turbines and parts for the windmill that you needed.

Reliant Energy Rates

The energy that we observe from the sunlight

The solar panels will observe the heat of the sunlight, and the heat will be converted into electric energy. The largest energy source through the solar power plant was located at kamuthi in Tamil Nadu. The electric power produces in the place of Kamuthi was 648 MW. It was the largest energy produced by the Solar panels. The 1st place was Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu in India. The solar power plant is nearly 20 to 30 acres. They provide around 30 acres in kamuthi near Thuthukudi district. The energy will go directly to the homes. The 2nd largest solar power plant was located at Trichy in Tamil Nadu in India. BHEL was the owner of these solar power plants. They have two in the Trichy. Most of them don’t know the solar panels are in Trichy.

The energy that we observe from water

The energy that we observe from the water is also known as hydraulic energy. In hydraulic energy, we have two types, namely potential energy and another one is kinetic energy. Both energies are like the same both also observe the energy from the running water, which we have stored in dams and the rivers. Then when we take is classified into three, they are the one is the availability of water flow, and the 2nd one is the availability of the water head, and the 3rd one is the according to the loading type. In the river that we need, the energy from the river means that we need to fit the turbines inside the river. At the speed of the river, the turbines will rotates faster. Id power of produce by the river depends upon the speed of the water which flows in the river. The turbines will rotate faster and produce electricity by the generator. And it will be saved to the power plants or batteries. But this system was used rarely because all times the river has water in the summertime it will be dry. So mostly they save water from the river to dams while the dam is opening it will also provide electric energy.