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To increase your creativity, buy books with various themes, especially those with art as their central theme. Making contacts and exchanging ideas about projects is important. Connect with professionals in the field and expose their work. The use of web design seattle happens to be essential now.

Practice and create.

Creating without compromise will further develop your creativity and give you good returns during your career.

Study a lot.

The maxim goes that knowledge never hurts. In the area of ​​design, especially for the programs used, this should be the rule. Take as many courses as you can, this will allow you to master the tools and broaden your horizons.

Meet other professionals.

Make contact with several professionals in the area. Exchange ideas, show your work, and get to know the work of others, this exchange of experience is fundamental to your growth.

Learn how to photograph.

Knowing the art of photography will greatly help your work. You will have notions of illumination and color, and you can use your own photographs in your work.

Master another language.

Like all professions, mastering a second language is essential for you to know the area. You can study in other languages, meet other professionals from other countries and learn about new cultures. Responsive Design is an HTML and CSS structuring technique, which consists in adapting the site to the user’s browser without having to define several specific style sheets for each resolution, i.e., it is a type of design where the layout is fluid and variant of according to the user’s resolution. This type of responsive design originated in 2010 to improve the browsing experience of web page users.

Why Should We Use Responsive Design?

Nowadays we know that the number of new internet-enabled devices that have emerged, besides desktops and notebooks, is immense, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and even refrigerators. With that in mind, developers need to be much more concerned with making their websites available to this audience, and that’s when the importance of a website being viewed well on any device, regardless of its screen resolution.

More than just a design trend, responsive design is a set of modern tools and techniques that define how content will be displayed to the user.

Keep your layout clean

This may seem a bit cliché, but it really isn’t. Many developers create their websites with dirty code, often automatically generated by the software and IDE’s that help beginners create projects. It is extremely important that in this new phase of responsive sites, developers make their code clean and write-only code that will actually be used. Make code as simple as possible, avoiding unnecessary hype.


  • Unnecessary Div’s
  • Inline CSS Styles (always use external files)
  • JS or Flash files without a fallback
  • position absolute or unnecessary float mates
  • Avoid redundant codes or codes that are not 100% useful

Try to use:

  • Doctype html5
  • Use a CSS Reset
  • Simple and semantic code
  • Simple techniques for elements such as navigation bars, menus, etc.

Test to see if you are on the right track:

Remove any and all CSS styles from your site and look in your favorite browser. If your content is still easy to read and orderly, you’re probably on the right track to developing a responsive site.