Green Mountain Energy: Types of power plans to choose

Green Mountain Energy rates

Hey guys, if you are looking out for information on the types of power plants provided by Green mountain energy, then this is the article for you. For every household or business owner, choosing the right power plan is quite important. One of the reasons for it is that you can save thousands of dollars as the best renewable power plants are quite affordable. You should always take into consideration the prices at which energy plans are offered. Green mountain energy is one of the most widely used and contributing power sources in the country.

Green mountain energy provides a fixed rate of power that is 100% renewable and safe to use. It is not recommended to you to choose any power plan you get because you might end up wasting thousands of dollars by paying unnecessary charges and fines. The charges at which energy power is offered remain the same, with a slide difference between agency to agency. But there are different types of energy plans offered, and you should choose according to the requirement.

Green Mountain Energy rates

This is only possible if you know about the requirement and also the types of power plans offered by Green mountain energy. Green Mountain Energy rates  vary from plan to plan, and you need to choose the best one based on requirements. Types of energy plans are very important to know as they will help you to check out the prices and information on the power plants. The energy plans can be determined based on your level of consumption.

Therefore in this article, we will take a look at the types of power plants offered by Green mountain energy.

Types of power plans

  •  Pollution e-Plus 24 Preferred

If your requirements are to use the most affordable power plans with the least amount of carbon footprint, then this is the one for you. This power plant leaves a negligible footprint of carbon which makes it one of the healthiest and most suitable power plants. This power plant offers 100% renewable energy, which makes it eco-friendly. This power plan is powered by 50% of Texas wind energy and 4% outside Texas with energy. As the name suggests, this plan is for 24 months.

  •  Go Local Solar 12 Preferred 

If you want a 100% solar power energy plan, then Go solar 12 preferred is the one for you. You should know that this is a 100% solar power energy plan with a termination fee of $150 if your contract expires before expiry. This is also an affordable energy plan for you that can be used for household and even business purposes. You should know that Go local solar 12 Preferred is a fixed-powered energy plan.

  •  Pollution e-Plus 12 Preferred

If you are looking out for a similar plan like pollution e plus 24 preferred, then this is the one for you. This energy plan is very similar to the first one as the rate of termination, and other details have many similarities. The difference between the first and this plan is that your contract is only for twelve months, which will expire quickly.